Another Tragedy in the server room... :(

RadiSys Server alert :-

If you have a RadiSys server in your server room i have a small warning for you people, make sure that you have a room temperature monitoring application and make sure that there is a separate AC/Cooler installed in the server room as this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Last week we had our exchange server DOWN as the room temperature in the server room was too hot, Onsite team was quick to react and realized that it was the RadiSys that was creating all the heat and although we had a centralized AC which was cooling the Server room, the cooling was not enough and due to heat in  the server room the exchange server which was the closest just shut down the server as the temperature around it was too hot.

IT Gone BAD.. The UP's and DOWN's (A System Adminstrator's real nightmare)

There are a very few senario's in which IT infrastructure can get really messed up

You make sure you have all the right things in place so that your Domain server does not go down, But no matter how much you try and cry incidents do happen.

like Senario 1 :-

You have a domain controller machine with Exchange running to protect the machine you have connected a RAID card and attached 4 drives, so that even if 1 drive fails the other drive can take over. How can this server still fail ?

Ans - RAID card crashes

(due to the raid card crash, to your bad luck even the exchange databases get corrupt... and you keep crying why me ? )

1) The domain controller is the most important system in the network, hence it was raided with 4 drives (now how the hell would anyone expect a server with 4 raid drives ever hope the server would crash ?), Let me tell you how, to our bad luck the RAID card crashed, Server went down, exchange databases got corrupt, the only good part was that the exchange database was being backed up, but the weekly exchange was failing.... BAAP RE... now wht ?? Luckly we got the support contract renewed with symantec.. guided us to somehow recover the databases.

Senario 2 :-

Unable to logon to user account through RDP ? Make sure you have the right permissions

Are you trying to login through RDP and getting an error while logging into the system "you have not permiss to log on" if yes ? then here are the steps given below :-

1) Go to start -> "run"
2) Type "mstsc /console" without the quotes (the /console option acts as if you are having a console session)
3) Type the dns name/ip address of the computer you want to login to

Quick Dummies guide for Solaris/Unix/Linux

Quick Dummies guide for Solaris/Unix/Linux:-

Here are some quick commands for Solaris administrators :- (Most of these commands will work on Unix and Linux as well, this article is written for Solaris 8/9/10 servers, also note that all or most these commands will need root access, without which they may not work)

1) netstat :- it will give you the details of all ports that are on the system along with the port status

e.g. bash# netstat -as | grep 10000
(this will check status of port 10000)

Google to launch 1Gigabit broad band service in US

Google is trying to get into newer ventures, and this time its none other than Internet Service Provider Business, Google is planning to get together with Local and the state government to setup the fiber optic networks the experiment is to have between 50,000 and 500,000 people connected to have gigabit broadband connectivity.

The gigabit broadband connectivity seems to good to be true, as of now we are not sure about the business strategy as it seems ridiculous and unmatchable (may be they will make their money by selling more ads)