10 Important tools for a System Administrator (Free Tools) - Part1

Here are some tools that i have come across, that a system administrator would use on a daily basis to either work with or tools that will help solve some issue that will make our life a little more simpler. while these tools may help a system administrator they will never replace him as it helps us work more efficiently nothing more..  nothing less :P

1) Cleaning tool :

I'm sure you must have used this tool or seen someone talking about this one,  "Ccleaner" would be one of the most useful tools around to Cleanup all the junk on your machine. It clears Temp application files, Temp Internet files, etc.

It can also clean unwanted registry entries, Please  backup registry before performing the registry cleanup

Download Ccleaner

2) Uninstaller -

Tools that will help you remove that programe that has been irritating you but you could on remove it use with "Revo Uninstaller" or "Microsoft - Fix it"

Download Revo Uninstaller Free
Download Microsoft Fix it Install and Uninstall

3) Remote Connection - Team Viewer / Amy admin are the tools that are You may notice that  i have not mentioned RDC (that is only accessible within the domain/network)

Download Teamviewer
Download Ammyy

4) Telnet / SSH

Putty is widely used tool to login into Linux / Unix machines. If you would like to go command line, this is the tool for you.

Download Putty

5) VNC Server / VNC Viewer :

VNC is virtual network controller, this helps in monitoring / maintaining machines remotely. server needs to be installed on the machine you need access to and the viewer is used to connect to the

Download TightVNC

6) Folder size

These are utilities that will come in handy if you have to clear some data from the hard drive (Tree size, Windir Stat), Personally i would recommend "windir stat" it gives much more details graphically.

Download Windirstat
Download Tree Size

7) System Tool -

This tool will give you a summary of all the applications installed along with serial keys used for the application, OS, Processor, Network details, Windows updates, and any updates that are missing on your computer (basically everything). Name of the software is "Belarc Advisor", Please note that this is not for commercial use.

Download Belarc Advisor

8) Password safe

All passwords can be stored securely on your machine using "Password Safe", once you create a file and store passwords, every time you open the password file it will ask you to enter a master password to open that file.

Download Password Safe

9) Recovery :

(Recuva) This tool can be used to recover deleted data. Please note that once a file is deleted, the partition on which data needs to be recovered should not be written on. (if you deleted a file on d: please donot write any data on that drive till you recover the data.)

Download Recuva

10) FTP / SFTP

One of the most used tools for File transfer protocols (FTP) is Filezilla, WINSCP you can also do either FTP or SFTP using these applications. (WINSCP / Filezilla Client)

Download Filezilla Client
Download WinSCP

Please feel free to mention tools that you use in the comments section... Thanks +Sunil Nelleri for some valuable feedback.

Please note the above description is given by me and may not necessarily be true, due to change in policies of software mentioned in this blog. Please verify the description of the tool before downloading on the product website.

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