Have you been Hacked ??? [Paranoid Mode] be informed of any incidents hence forth !!!

Were you aware of the your linkedin account had been compromised ??

Read This :- http://tech.firstpost.com/news-analysis/over-100-million-linkedin-profiles-hacked-heres-a-quick-way-to-find-out-if-youre-one-of-them-317526.html

We keep registering to several services and use email id and password for registering for a service.

there have been several incidents wherein data has been compromised (some made public, some not)

Register for free service link given bellow :-


If you like their service, please donate as you wish.

Conclusion :-

Check the authenticity of any website before registering, Please keep your data safe, Register for 2 factor authentication for email wherever possible.

Use separate passwords for registering for any service,
separate passwords for email.
separate passwords for banking.

In case you have too many passwords to manage, use a free or paid password management utility e.g. (PasswordSafe, KeePass) are some examples of free password utilities.

As a good practise, please change your passwords monthly.

Please share what tips/tricks to secure your passwords.. :)

Google / Postini enterprise support ?? Contact Google / Postini ??

Anyone looking for Google / Postin  Enterprise Support contact number ?

Here it is... but apparently you need to have a customer pin when your calling them.
This is one number that you will not find too easily :-

Google Enterprise Support Contact (US) : +1-877-355-5787

For Postini (Press option 1 and then option 2)

If you donot have a customer pin

For online portal help with Google Enterprise :-


For online portal help with Postini Support :-


Also checkout Postini help centre :-


* Note : The phone number / options may change at any time. These instructions are provided without any Guarantee. Please use them at your own  risk

Error "0x80070057-00000000-00000000" while sending calender invites through Outlook Client

User complains he is receiving error  "0x80070057-00000000-00000000" when he sends out calender invites.

You should try 2 options

1) Uncheck "use cached exchange mode"

2) Download new copy of "Global Address list"

Note : If the user who the invite has been sent is not in the Global address list and within your personal contact list then you may avoid this step. (there is no harm in doing this step either ways)

Have you come across this error, how did you solve the issue please share your experience.

Exchange Powershell command to find all groups in your Microsoft Online Exchange 365.. !!!

click start -> start typing powershell ->

and run the Powershell Microsoft Online services module as administrator

Run the command "Get-MsolGroup --all > c:\msolgroup2.txt"

Breaking the code :

Get-msolgroup -all will get all the data to your screen and > will redirect it to a file.txt.

Do share with us know if you have a better way of getting this done.

Note : Please try the command at your own risk, the owner of this blog takes no responsibility for anything that may go wrong on your exchange server.

Check Email forwarding using Powershell !!!

Being a system admin is not only about the doing the Job but doing it efficiently.

This post will show you how to find out users who have email forwarding to to any person within the exchange server.

1) Open the exchange power shell.

2) Type the following command.

Get-Mailbox -Filter {ForwardingAddress -ne $null} | ft Name,ForwardingAddress,DeliverToMailboxAndForward -Autosize

Breaking the code :-
  • Get-mailbox module :- is used to find out the information within the mailbox.
  • Filter {ForwardingAddress -ne $null} :- filters the output with an forwarding emailaddress is not equal to $null (no empty)
  •  ft Name,ForwardingAddress,DeliverToMailboxAndForward : again filter the output with only these columns (name, Forwarding address, deliver to mailbox and forward).
  •  -Autosize : if your output is too big, the full output is not shown and items that are over a certain entry are not shown, to avoid this and to output all details we use -autosize
  • you can also re-direct this output from the screen to a file using 'Export-CSV' parameter. 
  • e.g.  Get-Mailbox -Filter {ForwardingAddress -ne $null} | ft Name,ForwardingAddress,DeliverToMailboxAndForward -Autosize | Export-CSV g:\Email_forwarding_output.csv

Note : Please try the command at your own risk, the owner of this blog takes no responsibility for anything that may go wrong on your exchange server.