Microsoft Online Exchange 365 giving NDR issues ??

Are your using Microsoft exchange 365 online ? If the answer to that is yes.. Please read bellow.

Users facing have been informing IT support that they are getting Non-delivery-Report (NDR) for some e-mails that they have sent.

Babies Guide to working with directories Linux/Solaris

Here a a basic list of commands to help newbies to work with directories on Linux / Unix

1) How to create a folder

mkdir - this command will make/create a directory

e.g. bash# mkdir folder1

(this command will create a folder 

2) Removing a folder

rmdir - Remove/deletes a folder

e.g. bash# rmdir folder1

flags :
-r  Recursive (very dangerous if you don't know what your doing, i say it cuz of personal experience)
-f  Force (removes files that will not be able to be removed with the normal rmdir command)

these flags are to be used in between the after the rmdir e.g. bash# rmdir -r folder1 

Pluged in, Not charging .....!!! arrggggggg

Charger connected but battery status shows connected but not charging...

Is your laptop acting bitc*y and not charging at all, at this point you think your laptop battery is screw*d and you can't imagine how much is it gonna burn your pocket.

Please try these few steps of troubleshooting before burning a hole in your pocket.