Pluged in, Not charging .....!!! arrggggggg

Charger connected but battery status shows connected but not charging...

Is your laptop acting bitc*y and not charging at all, at this point you think your laptop battery is screw*d and you can't imagine how much is it gonna burn your pocket.

Please try these few steps of troubleshooting before burning a hole in your pocket.

- Disconnect Power supply, Remove charger from the laptop
- Shutdown the Laptop
- Pop-out the Battery and keep machine off for for 15-30 mins (Please be sure to unlock the battery before removing)
- And then connect the Laptop battery carefully. (make sure it locks in place)
- Poweron the laptop.

If it doesn't work borrow/try differeny Charger or Battery and try again. (please be sure that you are using a simillar / Compatible Charger or Battery)

Credit :- Ajay Aware (article)
Sunil Nelleri (Pic)

These instructions have worked well for my Dell Vostro 3350

Please feel free to comment if it worked for you. and also don't forget to mention the make and model of your laptop :) !!!

* Note : These instructions are provided without any Guarantee. Please use them at your own  risk

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