Quick Dummies guide for Solaris/Unix/Linux

Quick Dummies guide for Solaris/Unix/Linux:-

Here are some quick commands for Solaris administrators :- (Most of these commands will work on Unix and Linux as well, this article is written for Solaris 8/9/10 servers, also note that all or most these commands will need root access, without which they may not work)

1) netstat :- it will give you the details of all ports that are on the system along with the port status

e.g. bash# netstat -as | grep 10000
(this will check status of port 10000)

Google to launch 1Gigabit broad band service in US

Google is trying to get into newer ventures, and this time its none other than Internet Service Provider Business, Google is planning to get together with Local and the state government to setup the fiber optic networks the experiment is to have between 50,000 and 500,000 people connected to have gigabit broadband connectivity.

The gigabit broadband connectivity seems to good to be true, as of now we are not sure about the business strategy as it seems ridiculous and unmatchable (may be they will make their money by selling more ads)