Have you been Hacked ??? [Paranoid Mode] be informed of any incidents hence forth !!!

Were you aware of the your linkedin account had been compromised ??

Read This :- http://tech.firstpost.com/news-analysis/over-100-million-linkedin-profiles-hacked-heres-a-quick-way-to-find-out-if-youre-one-of-them-317526.html

We keep registering to several services and use email id and password for registering for a service.

there have been several incidents wherein data has been compromised (some made public, some not)

Register for free service link given bellow :-


If you like their service, please donate as you wish.

Conclusion :-

Check the authenticity of any website before registering, Please keep your data safe, Register for 2 factor authentication for email wherever possible.

Use separate passwords for registering for any service,
separate passwords for email.
separate passwords for banking.

In case you have too many passwords to manage, use a free or paid password management utility e.g. (PasswordSafe, KeePass) are some examples of free password utilities.

As a good practise, please change your passwords monthly.

Please share what tips/tricks to secure your passwords.. :)

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