Unable to logon to user account through RDP ? Make sure you have the right permissions

Are you trying to login through RDP and getting an error while logging into the system "you have not permiss to log on" if yes ? then here are the steps given below :-

1) Go to start -> "run"
2) Type "mstsc /console" without the quotes (the /console option acts as if you are having a console session)
3) Type the dns name/ip address of the computer you want to login to

4) Also make sure that the user is given permission to login remotely ( To follow the steps below please make sure that your logged in with administrator permissions. )
4.1) Right click on my computer select properties
4.2) Select remote tab
4.3) Make sure you login to this machine with an administrator account
4.4) Under Remote Desktop enable the checkbox  "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer"
4.5) Click on "Select Remote Users"
4.6) Add that user to the remote users list.

Hope this helps

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