Another Tragedy in the server room... :(

RadiSys Server alert :-

If you have a RadiSys server in your server room i have a small warning for you people, make sure that you have a room temperature monitoring application and make sure that there is a separate AC/Cooler installed in the server room as this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Last week we had our exchange server DOWN as the room temperature in the server room was too hot, Onsite team was quick to react and realized that it was the RadiSys that was creating all the heat and although we had a centralized AC which was cooling the Server room, the cooling was not enough and due to heat in  the server room the exchange server which was the closest just shut down the server as the temperature around it was too hot.

Lesson learn't :- Never have a new Solaris server in your server room along with windows servers and especially if you do not know how much heat that server's creating. And definitely not a to have a RadiSys put in your server room with a central AC(that's a big NO NO). Have a separate/additional AC/Cooler next to the RadiSys server just to be on the safer side.

When the Exchange Crashed and two hard drives went bad, We are totally insured with backups in place but at the same time we had RAID5 for the data and RAID1 for the OS, Out of both the RAID volumes one hard drive crashed from each volume and hence we just replaced the drives to get the server up and running :) (Thank GOD for RAID)

And hence the IT Administrator's live to die another day ;)

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