Getting to know whats under the hood without taking a machine appart. (2 default tools, 1 3rd party free tool)

If you are a person who is fed up of opening a machine just to checking the Motherboard / RAM / Graphic card / Etc attached to it... this article is for you ....

There are 2 default options in Windows and i have also mentioned a free tool at the end of this post.

1) Check using DirectX

Start - > Run, type "dxdiag"

This tool will give you the information about the machine OS / processor / etc.

2) Check using Device Manager

 Select Device Manager -> you should be able to see all the devices installed on your machine.
3) Using third party tools :-(Free / Paid)

I have used this amazing tool called "cpuz"... it will give you a lot of details of your machine. its much simpler to use.

Have you used this tool before or any other tool... please share your experience.

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